Singing after cervical spine surgery what to expect

Singing after cervical spine surgery what to expect

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Dysphonia( altered voice) is a common problem initially after cervical spine surgery when it is done from the front.
During surgery the voice box has to moved away from the midline so as to reach the cervical discs.
This retraction of the voice box may cause some dysphonia following surgery
the amount of dysphonia is directly proportional to the duration of the surgery and the duration of the retraction.
Good news is that this dysphonia is mostly temprory and the rarely it becomes permanent.

Prolonged dysphonia after anterior cervical surgery is mostly due to paralysis of a nerve know as recurrent laryngeal nerve.
patients with recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy also recover over time with minimal residual dysphonia.
If prolonged dysphonia is present then usually a ENT Surgerons reference is warranted to confirm that there is a vocal cord paralysis treatment –which might range from conservative to operative.
This is a wonderful resource to know every thing about laryngeal nerve paralysis
For Spine surgeons- How to prevent nerve paralysis
– minimally invasive
– try posterior approaches in singers
– less extensive retraction – one level at a time
– deflation of the endotracheal tube while application of the cervical retraction and then reinflation
– using hand held retractors instead of self retaining ones
– using left sided approach
– longus coli should be dissected cleanly from the middling and the retractor should engage the longus coli
This is a wonderful resource for patients – every thing about ACDF
Nothing can be complete without knowing patient perspective – here is singers account what happened to her after ACDF- also tells you the time line what to expect
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