Inestabilidad Atlanto-Axial, C1 y C2 / C1 and C2 Atlantoaxial Instability

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Caring Medical and Rehabilitation Services

Publicado el 25/09/2013

Atlantoaxial instability, or upper cervical instability (C1 – C2) is explained by Ross Hauser, MD in this 3D animation. To correct the underlying instability, the use of Prolotherapy, a regenerative injection therapy, can help a person obtain the ligament repair needed to eliminate pain and associated symptoms of upper cervical instability. If you would like to learn more about our Comprehensive Prolotherapy treatments and the numerous painful head and neck conditions that we specialize in, please visit us at… and tell us more about your case. We would be happy to see you here for Prolotherapy. Thank you for watching!


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