Hospital Médica Sur

Puente de piedra 150 torre 2 consultorio 101. Col. Toriello Guerra, alcaldía de Tlalpan, C.P. 14050. Ciudad de México

Telefonos de contacto (55) 56 66 64 23, (55) 54 24 72 00 EXT. 4231

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Alta Especialidad en Columna Vertebral

Dedicado de tiempo completo a atender los problemas de la Columna Vertebral en Adultos y Niños, es decir Diagnóstico, Prevención y Tratamiento de las Enfermedades de la Columna Vertebral en Adultos y Niños. Ejerciendo este quehacer desde hace 25 años.



Hyun W. Bae
Motion preservation at two cervical levels may make more sense than fusion
SAN FRANCISCO — The safety and efficacy of cervical total disc replacement was maintained at 5-year follow-up at levels seen in studies of the same prosthesis with shorter follow-up, regardless of whether the prosthesis was implanted at one or two levels of the spine, according to study data presented at the North American Spine Society Annual Meeting. Read more

Michael L.
VIDEO: NASS program co-chair speaks about the annual meeting
SAN FRANCISCO — Michael L. Reed, DPT, OCS, the executive director of the North American Spine Foundation and a 2014 Program Co-Chair for the North American Spine Society (NASS) Annual Meeting, speaks about this year’s meeting and its offerings for attendees. Watch video

Frank P.
Cammisa Jr.
Surgeon foresees role for titanium, 3-D printing in lumbar lateral access surgery
SAN FRANCISCO — Newer materials and designs are expected to support continued use of lumbar spine procedures performed through a lateral surgical approach, including standalone surgery intended to relieve pain from spine deformity, according to a presenter at the North American Spine Society Annual Meeting.Read more